Earthquake semitemporary shelter

On 7h of September, 2017, a 8.2 degrees of Richter scale, shaked for a few seconds a large part of the state of Oaxaca, México. As I live here, I can tell you: it felt horrible. We didn’t have the time to realized what was happening. Everything started moving around me and you cannot do anything to arrest it. The feeling was: pure impotence. The most affected area, was the one next to the Pacific Ocean, in particular, the Istmo Región. Lots of people lost everything. And in this case, one of the first issue is housing those people their houses were badly damaged. I wanted to do something about it, but unfortunatly, in those circumstances, architects easly feel “super heros”. Everyone start to propose the best solución ever, for temporary or long term shelter. But, as usual, most of them are pushed by a strong ago. They want that pic that shows they are in. Yes, they are in, but in a completly messy organization. They don’t even think about planning. Strange word to them. They love to go towards nowhere. I wait for writing this post, becouse I wanted to see something clever coming up. And finally a great news, a huge architect landed to México, Shigeru Ban. A japanese architect with a great experience about post desaster shelters. So, I hope something relevant will be soon shown. Meanwhile, I want to post a quick proposal I developed for a friend, Jean De Marte, who asked me for an idea to use bamboo posts he bought. I tried to design a shelter that I like to call SEMITEMPORARY, as I think it could be upgraded on a medium or long period, based on the inhabitants economy. If someone want to use it, PLEASE DO AND IMPROVE IT.

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Pizza/bread earth hoven

A dream come true!!! Or lets say, part of it!!! A month ago, I started building a small pizza hoven. As I am italian, I do usually need to eat a pizza for real. The one on which you can put everything you want, obviusly not saying pineapple, I am not a sinner. Well, after a month, finally we made it. I designed and built my hoven with just few materiales available at home. Such as: damaged bike components, earth from my garden, terracotta tiles and lime, that I use to keep in a big bidon under water. Rain made more difficult the precess, as the different layers of earth took more time to get dried. Moreover, the earth I used, has a big percentage of clay, that retains big amount of water, and once dried, many fissures appeared, so I need to fill them with a thin mortar of 1:1 earth lime. As the hoven door seemed too big, I redesigned it with a small bricks arch, and then I plastered it with a mortar 1:2 lime sand. You can apprecciate the final result from the pics. But let me tell you…Pizzas and bread were just so tasty!!! Make your hoven, it is funny and you will be free to prepare your own pizzas whenever you want. Buon appetito.

An informal lecture

Marco Antonio Aguirre Pliego, first of all a great friend, secondly, a great architect and teacher, who lives and works in Oaxaca de Juárez. I invited him to give a lecture to my students, about a project he worked on during his architectural studies at the UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, late in seventies. Basically, to him it was a chance for remembering, for my students, the oportunity for listening what it means thinking about architecture, creating a strong architectural concept and beliving in it. Trying to explain it using a proper vocabulary, which comunicate the feeling you have about it. And finally, the fascinating way to present a project, rigorously drawon by hand. Those greish tones, those letters printed by some kind of transfers, lend to a romantic idea of enjoying the design process. Thanks master MAAP.

Italy 2017

What a trip!!! No better excuse to move to Italy for a few weeks, than my brother’s wedding. July, one of the perfect month to enjoy my country. This year, probably too hot, but the Mediterranean Sea cool me down properly. As an alternative, you can choose a tasty iced white wine, lets say: a Prosecco. Done!!!

I felt very good getting back to my village, where I was born, Pomigliano D’Arco, Naples. Strange feelings. Everything look much bigger than I could remember. Staying at my granpa’s recently refurbished house, made me re-appreciate a simple aspect of life: sharing great time with family.

My brother. He gave a big step forward. He got merried in a wonderful scenario, a medival castel, next to Turin. Pushed by my curiosity, I dragged my uncle, to explore the building. But all of a sudden, a female old woman’s shout came out from a bed room next too us. We overpassed the limit…Sorry mam’.

The day after the wedding. In a strong hungover, I went to rescue my robust, but extrimely heavy bike. Time for a couple of ridings down the Turin’s hills, and we got back to Naples.

We set up quickly my parent’s carvan, and all together, with Martha, we drove to Parco Nacionale del Cilento. Simply one of the most beautiful place on earth. Look at the pictures. Ten days of eating and drinking, then swimming, eating and drinking, then riding, eating and drinking and finally sleeping. Places like Palinuro, Marina di Camerota, Porto Infreschi, San Severino and more, need to be visited once in life. And with a bike, you truly enjoy them.

Then to Naples again, but now we viseted some places where we used to go whene I was young: Lago Telese, Caserta Vecchia. But the cherry on top was the insurmountable Costiera Amalfitana.

Well, all great trips come to an end. It is time to get back to Mexico. I think it was one of the hardest leave from Italy. But some great things are coming up…and I will be back soon…that’s for sure!!!

Social Economy_2016

It seems that Social and Solidary Economy (SSE) has nothing to do with architecture, but it does. For this workshop I shared with great plesure my little knowledge about SSE with 120 participants, young entrepreneurs of a IMJUVE (Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud) program. It consisted in introducing the participants to the principles and values of the SSE, such as: solidarity, cooperation, shared-responsability and preserving the nature. I think that if architects could involve those principles into the everyday practice, probably they create better architectures.


Promenades_Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016

It’s true. When you are focused on fully enjoying your time, time pass by too fast. Almost three months are off, now it is time to look back and see what I exeprienced during these months. First of all, walking by the river Po in Turin, is always a nice promenade. The red carpet under those naked trees, create a unique atmospher. Toghether with the slow flowing of the water, just broken by the aquiatic birds, you forget you are in a big city. Mountains always are a spectacular frame for Turin, the Alps to the west and the Colline to the Est. In January I enjoied a really tasty polenta into the Ceresole Reale valley, Canavese, by the Gran Paradiso park, leterally the paradise. After ten years, I got back to the place where I was born, Pomigliano d’Arco. Every thing look big, too big. In February, problems with bank, push me to visit London. I spent threes days walking through this concrete monster city. London is charged of a magic that nobody can explain, maybe because of the Thames, the architecture, which makes you jumping between medieval church and the latest technology, shown by the Shard. And again mountains, this time Alpi Marittime. With a great friend and his car, Citroan 2CV, we drove to Ormea. We tried to climb the Pizzo d’Ormea, from 1350mslm to 2450mslm, but the mountain said no. Probably because of the wine drunk the day before, and no physique. Next time. Well, now I am looking farword to the new mexican adventures. See you soon.  


first time in Mérida, Yucatán_dec 2015

I had no idea on what I would have found in Mérida. It was a great surprise. I found out that Mérida is a real nice town. At a glance, it seems that the city has been frozen in 1960’s. Colonial architectures live in armony with those buildings which are the modern movement expresion. I also had a journey to Izamal, a small village next to Mérida. It takes almost a hour to get in this nice yellowish village. The most interesting thing is that you can climb on the three really awsome Maya’s pyramids and enjoying a unique panorama from up there. Gastronomy is absolutly amazing: cochinita pibil, queso relleno, negro relleno and zopa de lima…just few of them. Thanks to Mario, I had also the chance to visit Progreso, just to have a couple of beers next to the sea. Thanks Yucatán.IMG_20151130_163659 IMG_20151201_091721 IMG_20151201_091730 IMG_20151201_092932 IMG_20151201_100518 IMG_20151202_091953 IMG_20151202_093322 IMG_20151202_095609 IMG_20151204_114736 IMG_20151204_120624 IMG_20151204_121122 IMG_20151204_121329 IMG_20151204_123939 IMG_20151204_125113 IMG_20151204_125616 IMG_20151204_131443 IMG_20151205_113536 IMG_20151205_113754 IMG_20151205_113900 IMG_20151205_122106